mini-chicken-and-mushroom-hotpotWhether we’ve been feeling under the weather or simply felt the effects of the summer’s heatwave, it’s not unusual to find our appetites shrinking. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still crave our favourite, hearty dishes. That’s where our Mini Meals come in. 

Why we lose our appetite

Feeling hunger pangs lessen with each passing birthday? You’re not the only one. Many of us find medical or dental treatments can dull our sense of taste and smell. Less physical exercise, especially in warmer weather, often leaves us feeling less peckish than usual. And if you live alone, it’s natural to lose your appetite for cooking. But it’s important to keep eating a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight – and small plates of flavoursome food can be the key.

The Oakhouse Mini Meals Range


Wholesome and hearty are the calling cards of our beef-based Mini Meals. Choose from warm-your-cockles Beef Stew with Bubble and Squeak braised in red wine, or Cumberland Pie with a crumbly, crunchy cheese topping. Or tuck into a small version of our Beef and Vegetable Hotpot, made to a traditional recipe.


From timeless teatime favourites to Far East flavours, there’s plenty to tempt you on our chicken and turkey Mini Meals menu. Plump for a lighter take on pie with our Chicken & Vegetable Ragout served in a redcurrant gravy or Chicken & Mushroom Hotpot with a lightly spiced Madeira wine-laced sauce. For a weekend treat, our Sweet & Sour Chicken packs a tangy pineapple punch.


Turn ‘fish Friday’ on its head with creamy potato-topped Fisherman’s Pie, bacon-dotted Haddock Smokie with a twist of lemon, and Cod & Prawn Bake in a cheesy sweetcorn chowder. Tender, expertly cooked fish runs through all our seafood dishes – and all are simple to prepare.


A little Minced Lamb Hotpot in a velvety gravy flavoured with rosemary. Small-sized Shepherd’s Pie with a silky Cheddar mash. Just the right amount of roast lamb, potatoes and vegetables in our Roast Lamb Dinner. This is comfort food as its very best.


Perfectly portioned for a light lunch or modest dinner, pop open these pork dishes when you’re in the mood for a culinary classic. There’s the herb-packed Faggot, Mash & Peas served in a fruity Madeira-rich gravy, and the equally tempting trio of Pork, Chicken & Ham Pie under a lighter-than-air puff pastry lid. Then again, nothing beats a Sausage Casserole. We use cocktail sausages in our Mini Meal version.


Meat-free Mini Meals fit the bill if you’re vegetarian or simply in the mood for something a little lighter. Think nutmeg and mustard-infused Cauliflower Cheese & Sauté Potatoes or tick off your five a day with a Vegetable Lasagne. Cool Pesto Pasta Salad with slow roasted tomatoes tastes sublime on balmy summer days.

Special Diets

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our Mini Meals. So whether you need a diabetic-friendly or gluten-free dish, something that’s free from nuts, dairy or even celery, we’ve a dedicated range of carefully prepared options. Read more about them here.

Puréed Mini Meals

With a texture that’s smooth to eat and shaped so that they’re easy on the eye too, our puréed Mini Meals can be a stress-reducing solution when swallowing becomes a problem.


Rise and shine with creamy, cinnamon-spiced Porridge or an All Day Breakfast. You can even ask us for Heinz tomato ketchup to go with it, plus store cupboard staples including cereals, milk, toast and bacon.


Lighten up lunchtimes with something a little different. Pick up a meltingly enticing Panini or pop a Filler pot in your fridge ready to top jacket potatoes – simple, speedy and stress-free.

mini-best-sellers-packEasy Order Pack Mini Meals

It’s all in the name – Easy Order Packs take the hassle out of food shopping and cooking. Browse Mini Best Sellers or Mini Favourites and with a click of your mouse you’ll have a week’s worth of delicious meals on their way to you.   With a mouth-watering menu of over 80 easy-to-prepare breakfast, light lunch and dinner dishes, including sweet-tooth-pleasing desserts, the only tricky part is choosing which Mini Meal to order first.