Take the hassle out of mealtimes with our great value Easy Order Packs. Each pack includes a varied selection of delicious and nutritious meals, and some of them include tempting desserts too. There are 17 packs to choose from, including mini meals perfect for smaller appetites, as well as a range of tasty options carefully prepared for special diets. Best Sellers / Mini Best Sellers BSOur tasty Best Sellers Pack is popular for a good reason: from moreish sweet and sour chicken to comforting beef lasagne, it includes a great variety of tempting meals. And if you choose to include desserts, you could top things off with an irresistible Black Forest Gateau. Our Best Sellers also come in a Mini Meal range, which is ideal for smaller appetites.   Summer Sensations / Mini summer sensations Tempt your tastebuds with our mouthwatering Summer Sensations range. Whether you choose the glorious smoked haddock florentine or the flavoursome summer casserole, you can be sure of maximum flavour for minimum effort. The Mini Summer Sensations range includes smaller versions of our summery classics, and both Packs include optional tasty treats for pudding, too: clotted cream and strawberry ice cream is quickly becoming a favourite! Customer Favourites Don’t just take our word for it: if you’re finding it tough to choose between our delicious Easy Order Packs, try a selection of our highly rated dishes, hand-picked by happy customers. With everything from roast lamb to breaded scampi (not to mention the fantastic apple crumble), these meals have five stars for a reason. grocery-pack_1_Grocery While you can choose separate items from the grocery section on our website, our Grocery Easy Order Pack makes it simple to stay on top of your shopping essentials. The Pack includes free range eggs, Dairy Crest Country Life spreadable, a sliced brown loaf, a litre of semi-skimmed milk, raspberry and cherry yoghurts and, importantly, a packet of McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives. Special Diet Packs We want to make sure everyone has delicious choices every mealtime, so we’ve created a range of Easy Order Packs that cater for special diets. Gluten Free Easy Order Pack For most of us, gluten can be eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet. But one in a hundred people in the UK suffer from Coeliac disease, caused by a severe reaction to gluten. Many more of us suffer from an intolerance to gluten. But going gluten free doesn’t mean you have to go without. We have created a special Gluten Free Easy Order Pack, which contains some of our popular tasty dishes that don’t contain any gluten, such as chicken korma, beef bourguignon and cod and prawn bake. You can even order delicious gluten-free desserts, too, such as scrummy rice pudding, raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream. Low Fat And Low Calorie Easy Order Pack Low calorie doesn’t have to mean low taste. Our Low Fat and Low Calorie Easy Order Pack includes a tempting range of nutritious meals that are so delicious, you won’t believe they’re guilt free! With meals including Shanghai beef, roast lamb and breaded scampi and chips, it’s easy to cut your calories when the food tastes this good. You can even choose a pack that includes a selection of low-fat and low-calorie desserts, such as rice pudding, raspberry sorbet and fruit salad. Vegetarian Easy Order Pack Cutting down on meat, or cutting it out altogether, is a great way to eat less fat and include more veg in your diet. But if you’re going meat free, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and nutrients to help maintain a balanced diet. Our Vegetarian Easy Order Pack is packed with delicious, healthy meat-free meals, from aromatic vegetable tikka to comforting macaroni cheese, all carefully created to offer you the perfect nutritional balance. You can choose to complement your meal with a range of yummy puddings, too. Dairy-Free Easy Order Pack Many of us are dairy free these days, whether we’re allergic or intolerant, or simply through preference. But dropping dairy doesn’t have to mean dropping the flavour. We have plenty of tempting meals in our range that are dairy free but still delicious. Our Dairy Free Easy Order Pack is a hassle-free way to remain dairy-free all week, and includes a tasty range of options, including vegetable hot pot, chicken casserole and roast pork.