At Oakhouse Foods we are proud to offer a wide range of 37 puréed meals and desserts. We recognise the importance of providing a choice of softer foods, in order to provide a satisfying and tasty meal for customers with dysphagia or those who temporarily need texture modified foods. pureed_426x413_1Browse the full range of category c puréed ready meals online. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us first, please contact your local branch for more information and we'll be happy to help. All meals in the range have full nutritional information on each page, so you can be confident what is in the meals before you buy. We offer a wide variety of puréed dishes to make mealtimes varied and enjoyable. Choose from beef, chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian puréed main meals. You'll find classics such as Cottage Pie, Fish & Chips and Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding in the range, as well as puréed snacks like beans on toast for a lighter option. You'll find 11 puréed desserts to select from, including Lemon Sponge and Custard, Banoffee Pie and Fruit Cocktail.

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All our meals are delivered to your door by our own delivery drivers. Your local driver will even happily put meals away in your freezer if you would like - just let us know. Find out what other people think, and read independent reviews from other customers about the Oakhouse Foods meal delivery service.