We know that a friendly face can make all the difference and our experienced drivers often deliver so much more than meals - many also give their time and support whenever it’s needed and it’s wonderful to hear your positive stories about these unsung heroes.

In September, we launched this year’s Extra Mile Award. Our annual award recognises the dedication of many of our delivery drivers who go above and beyond the call of duty. We have received hundreds of nominations for our hardworking drivers across the country. We really loved hearing all the positive comments about our drivers. The Winner! From previous years’ awards, the standard has been set very high. However, there was one clear winner in 2017 who stood out from the crowd. That was Rob Finnigan, from the Kent region, who has proved himself to be one of our most hardworking and popular drivers.

Rob Finnigan was delighted to win £100 of JD Sports vouchers and said, “It's an honour to receive this reward and it was totally unexpected. I really enjoy working for Oakhouse Foods and delivering to all my regular customers. I always make time for a chat and I’m happy to help them out whenever I can.”

What you said about Rob Finnigan: “Rob is a most trustworthy, reliable and punctual young man. Rob saved (name withheld) life by his prompt action when he discovered her on the floor of her house.” Mrs Davis “He is very polite, helpful, very friendly with the customer, making sure that their orders are right.” Mr Rossiter “Always helpful, reliable and a great time keeper” Mr Mullin “He is friendly, courteous and a great ambassador for Oakhouse Foods” Mr Sullivan “He is a very helpful and cheerful man and I cannot imagine anyone else being better than Rob.” Mrs Lamport Driver Reviews You can read more reviews sent in about our delivery drivers across the country. Oakhouse Foods Delivery Service We just wanted to remind you what our delivery service  can offer. We can put away food in your freezer and cupboards, help you fill out your order form, and be a friendly face that you get to know and trust.