We all know that carrying extra weight can take its toll on your health and after years of trying different weight loss plans, Aberdeen retiree Kathleen finally found the answer she had been looking for – in the pages of an Oakhouse Foods brochure. Kathleen was looking for some help with mealtimes for her elderly father when she came across Oakhouse Foods. “Dad had tried other options but was bored with the food and wanted something a bit more exciting. I picked up an Oakhouse brochure one day and we really liked the look of the food so we gave them a try. “At around this time I had some bad news from my doctor, who told me I had to start losing weight for the benefit of my health. As Dad became a regular Oakhouse customer I realised that their mini meals could be worth trying as they are all smaller portions and lower in calories.  To be safe I showed everything to my GP who gave it the thumbs up, and since then I’ve been eating Oakhouse mini meals for tea almost every day. “Since I started eating Oakhouse meals in April I have lost over 2 stone and the change in my health has been incredible. I haven’t had to use my inhaler once and I’m no longer borderline for diabetes. There is such a lot of choice you never get bored. I even get to have some yummy low calorie puds when I fancy a treat! I have tried every weight loss plan under the sun and nothing has worked until I found Oakhouse. My daughter has also lost over a stone using Oakhouse meals and we would recommend them to anyone. I think having smaller portions already planned out for you is a great help, and the food is so tasty you don’t feel like you are missing out.” If you're watching your weight and you fancy giving smaller portions why not have a browse through our Mini Meals and see what takes your fancy?