The Oakhouse head office team have been doing their bit this December for those in need, with a collection of food items for the local food bank in Melksham, Wiltshire. Members of staff have been contributing items every day for a collection to be donated in time for Christmas. Melksham Foodbank was set up to help with poverty in our local area by providing a practical short term solution for a person or family between a need or a problem arising and Social Services organising benefits. A food parcel with food basics is provided for 3 days, this allows the person in need to concentrate on resolving their problem without having to think about food. Melksham Foodbank started in September 2007 and is a non-profit organisation running under auspices of the Melksham Family of Churches. It is run by a team of volunteers from different Churches. In order to work, it relies on donations of time, food, money and services from its supporters. During the month of November Melksham Foodbank gave out 66 family parcels and 23 single parcels, and in the first 10 months of this year they've given out 350 family parcels and 197 single parcels. We hope that our small donation will help to make Christmas a little easier for someone in need.