With the cold nip of winter already in the air, now’s the perfect time to keep warm and toasty indoors and look through our latest brochure. It’s packed with a variety of wholesome and delicious home delivered ready meals – which makes stocking up on easy-to-prepare dinners simple and convenient. Along with all the classic favourites such as stews and casseroles, hearty soups and comforting hot desserts, the Oakhouse Foods chefs have been busy creating some tempting new recipes that are perfect for the chilly nights ahead. You’ll find some of these in our new Winters Wonders Pack, which offers a wonderful choice of recipes for this season including: Steak Diane, Mediterranean Chicken, Luxury Roast Pork, Fish & Potato Gratin and Four Cheese Ravioli. There are lots of other new recipes to enjoy in our winter range too – have a look for yourself to see what takes your fancy. Staying well when it’s cold outside Enjoying a varied, balanced diet to stay fit and healthy is important all year round. And, as we get older, it’s crucial in winter when the temperature drops. This causes our blood to thicken, blood pressure to go up, and it generally takes us longer to get warm. Breathing in chilly air can increase the risk of chest infections. You’re also more likely to get itchy, red chilblains when your skin gets cold and you try to warm up too quickly. This is why keeping the rooms in our homes between 18°C (64°F) and 21°C (70°F) and eating properly can make a vital difference to staying comfortable and feeling well in winter. Regular hot drinks and hot, nutritious meals – not forgetting your five portions of fruit and veg a day – will also help boost your energy levels and prevent you falling ill. But of course, going shopping when it’s cold and icy outside, plus all the bother of preparing meals from scratch, isn’t something many of us look forward to. This is where our home delivery service comes in handy. All our meals are made with top quality ingredients – all for a great value price. Delivery for orders under £30 only costs £1, and our friendly drivers could put your food away in the freezer for you too, if you wish. Find our full range of home delivered ready meals here or ask us to send you a free copy of our latest brochure to read through in your own time. Then when you’re ready to place your order, simply fill in the order form, or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help. Here’s wishing you a wonderfully tasty winter.