This article was published in 2015. Read a more recent article about our puréed range.
Oakhouse Foods has developed its offering of puréed dishes suitable for a Category C texture modified diet, in a move designed to bring a better standard of food to those with limited mealtime options. Roast Beef Company founder Tony Blood said, “Food choices for those with dysphagia are restricted but we believe that puréed dishes can and should be appealing, enjoyable and satisfying just like any other meal. Our range of puréed meals has already proved to be extremely popular, and we’ve now added more choice including mini meals and desserts as there is a clear need for good quality and varied puréed options. Being able to enjoy an appetising meal is vital to a person’s quality of life, and we’ve taken great care to make our food is as appealing and as tasty as possible.” The Oakhouse Foods puréed range comprises 22 texture modified, reshaped dishes, all produced in line with guidelines produced by the British Dietetic Association. A main meal from the range costs just £3.75 making it a competitive alternative to other similar products in the market. Mini meals are available at £2.55 and desserts at £1.05. See the full range or call 0333 370 6700 for more information. Healthcare professional? Find out more about our service here.