Easter is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family and enjoy some delicious food. And when it comes to planning what to serve, there are plenty of traditional favourites to choose from. Rise and shine Why save the Easter celebrations for dinnertime? Start the day with a toasted hot cross bun. People have been tucking into these spiced buns over the Easter weekend for hundreds of years. It’s even said that sharing one with someone else means you’ll be good friends for the rest of the year. We love ours spread with plenty of butter – but why not try something different and add a dollop of jam or marmalade? If you’d prefer to leave the sweet stuff for dessert, you could toast some bread for soldiers and tuck into another seasonal favourite – a soft-boiled egg. And they’re not just for breakfast. Simply hard boil a few eggs and paint the shells for a homemade spring table decoration. Easter dinner Up and down the country, people will be sitting down to enjoy a dish that’s particularly popular at Eastertime: roast lamb. And, if you’d rather avoid all the time and effort that comes with preparing the vegetables and cooking and carving the meat, we’ve got some tasty lamb recipes in our range of easy to cook ready meals. Savour succulent slices of quality roast lamb with lashings of gravy, with crisp roast potatoes and greens on the side. Bring some fresh spring flavours to the table with sweet, tender carrots and peas, for everyone to help themselves. And for any guests with smaller appetites, you could serve up a Roast Lamb Dinner from our Mini Meals selection. Just don’t forget the mint sauce! Sweet treats Of course, no Sunday dinner would be complete without dessert, and we’ve got plenty to choose from. You could pick up a fruitcake, then top it with marzipan to create a traditional Easter Simnel cake. Cook up indulgent classics like Bread and Butter Pudding, or look forward to the warmer weather with something cool and fruity, such as Strawberry Tart and ice cream. Time with the family All our home delivered ready meals are quick and easy to cook – perfect, if you’d rather spend time with your guests, than in the kitchen. And the best part? There’s almost no washing up afterwards. So you’re free to enjoy your day, perhaps by going on a spring walk, or hiding some chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt with the kids. To order your perfect dishes for the Easter weekend, just get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.