People with dementia often experience various problems with eating and drinking. This can have a negative impact on a person’s health and on some of the symptoms of their dementia. It can result in weight loss and even worsen confusion as well as causing other health problems. If you are caring for someone with dementia there are things you can do to support them. Don’t forget, if you are at all worried about the person you are caring for, speak to your GP for help. What you can do to help
  • Meals should be relaxed and unhurried – try to ensure there are no distractions and offer food at a time when the person is calm.
  • Snacks and smaller portions can be less daunting – have a look at our range of Mini Meals for some great recipes in a smaller size (usually around 240g)
  • Provide food that the person likes and make sure food is appetising with plenty of colour and texture.
  • Do not feel you need to spend hours preparing elaborate meals – it is probably better to spend your time ensuring that the person eats and enjoys their food. Oakhouse meals are quick and easy to prepare so you can get on with the more important job of caring and spending time together.
  • Offer a variety of flavours to tempt the appetite. Some people with dementia may change their food tastes and start to enjoy tastes that are unusual for them.
  • If you have to help a person to eat and drink, talk about what you are offering them to help remind them of tastes and flavours.
  • If the person is having difficulties swallowing try naturally soft foods like scrambled eggs and stewed fruit. You could also consider pureed food – you can see our dedicated range of Category C pureed meals here.
For more information and advice on caring for someone with dementia visit Dementia UK or The Alzheimer’s Society