February is National Heart Month and a reminder of how important it is to look after our hearts.  Run by the British Heart Foundation, the initiative is held every year to raise awareness of the fight against cardiovascular disease, with the aim of keeping more hearts beating for longer. Along with regular exercise and keeping a handle on stress, it is important to remember that the food we eat has a huge impact on our health. A healthy diet can help to reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease, stop weight gain and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. In addition to this, a healthy diet will help to lower your cholesterol levels, which will prevent fatty deposits from clogging your arteries. It’s easy to assume that simply avoiding all fats will help, but this is the wrong attitude. The best diet is a balanced diet. You just need to choose the right sort of fats to put into your body. It is important to:
    1. Cut down on trans fats
    2. Replace saturated fats with mono and polyunsaturated fats
While foods that are rich in good fats like avocados, olive oil or nuts are beneficial to your health, they are still high in calories and must be consumed in moderation. If you’re unsure of portion sizes and want a low stress way of keeping control of your fat intake, then check out the range of freshly prepared low-fat ready meals at Oakhouse Foods. Each one has been lovingly prepared by chefs and perfectly balanced for your peace of mind. Low-fat doesn’t have to mean boring or tasteless. You’ll be surprised at the range of frozen ready meals we can offer. Just pop the meal into your oven and you can quickly and easily enjoy a variety of flavours from around the world, such as Jamaican Chicken Stew, Smoked Haddock Chowder and Vegetable Tagine & Coriander Rice. Whether you have special dietary requirements or would simply like to know more about our meals delivery service, then get in touch with our friendly team of advisors.