In the chilly winter months it’s more important than ever to look after your health - here’s our rundown on how to stay fighting fit this winter. Keep warm There are some simple things you can do to stay snug when the temperature drops, including keeping your living room at 70⁰F (21⁰C) and your bedroom at 65⁰F (18⁰C). Make sure you draw the curtains at dusk and close doors to keep out chilly draughts. Wearing lots of layers helps to keep you warmer, and hot drinks throughout the day and at bedtime are a good way to help to keep your body temperature up too. Eat well Eating well is vital during the winter months, so make sure you start the day with a hearty breakfast and eat at least one hot meal every day. If you’d like a helping hand with mealtimes, our range of delicious, home delivered meals and desserts is perfect. You can also find our handy tips on what to eat for a strong immune system during the winter months here. Keep moving Staying active isn’t just good for your general wellbeing – it also helps to keep you warm. If you’re getting out and about, yoga, pilates and dancing are all great ways to keep fit and have fun. Age UK have some great information on their website about the various classes on offer. If you’re finding it hard to get out in the colder weather there are things you can do at home too. Just getting up and walking around can be beneficial, so try to spread your chores throughout the day. If walking is difficult, chair based exercises can be helpful too. Have your flu jab It’s free if you’re a pensioner, you care for someone older or you have a condition like diabetes, Parkinson’s and others - speak to your GP to find out more. Keep your spirits up! It’s important to keep bright and busy at this time of year and even if you’re finding it tricky to get out there are ways to keep in touch with others during the cold weather – Skype can be a great way to catch up with loved ones and if you’d like some help to get out more there are plenty of befriending services available through organisations like Friends of the Elderly. If you regularly attend local coffee mornings or other groups try to keep going through the winter if you can. Here’s to a happy and healthy winter for all!